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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages

Windows Programs
(32/64 bit)

If you like small and fast Windows programs, have a look at these tools written in PureBasic. Designed as "portable" programs, they do not make any entries in the Windows Registry, and do not require an installation. Just unzip the downloaded files to a new folder, and make a shortcut.
Windows Console
(CMD 32/64 bit)

Tiny "batch" programs for Windows CMD (32/64 bit).
Programs for unattended mode or with dialog windows.
You should have some experience with the Windows console mode (formerly "DOS box").
MS-DOS Batch
(Command 16 bit)

These batch tools were developed in a Win9x environment. They run under plain DOS as well as under Windows 95/98, in a DOS window or full screen. Most of the programs will also work under the DOS emulation of Windows 2000/XP/7. No chance on 64 bit Windows.
Development of these tools is discontinued, sorry.
PureBasic programming tools, solutions and code snippets