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Little Windows Helpers

To install these "portable" programs just unzip the downloaded files to a new folder, and make a shortcut. On your local hard disk a folder outside the "Program Files" structure is recommended (Windows Vista/7/8/10) to allow data storage in the program folder, which is the default behaviour of these programs. If there is a problem opening the built-in help, please read this.
Plain text outliner and note taking program with a structured index. Fast and easy to handle; web links and local file links, web lookup, launch support, diary function, search and replace, export, password protected encryption. 32/64 bit . 3.65 03 Oct 2018
This Date Reminder lists all events in chronological order, with recurring events showing only once (the next one). Supported recurrence: every (number of) days/weeks/month/years. 32/64 bit 3.34 23 Apr 2018
Pop-up menus for the Desktop or the Quick Launch Tray. Launch programs, batch files, documents or web links through popup menus; Easy configuration; 32/64 bit . 2.57 01 Jul 2018
Program Launcher with large or small Icons. Easy configuration; Categories, System Tray mode, Selectable font and colors. Automatic drive letter handling on USB flash drives; 32/64 bit 2.26 26 Aug 2018
Variable size Calendar (1..12 month) with the option to copy the selected date or the current date and time to the clipboard (auto/custom formatted); 32/64 bit 2.78 23 Apr 2018
TimeSync gets the current time from a NIST server, and adjusts the PC clock if necessary; 32/64 bit 2.35 23 Apr 2018
Digital desktop clock + alarm, timer, stopwatch; 32/64 bit 1.44 22 Apr 2018
Auto-sizing plain text viewer that allows editing and saving the text.
ShowTx is ideal for use in batch processes or as "Send To" tool.
2.00 15 Aug 2012
Mini Tools: shortcut for removable media, path length information, list of environment variables, file date, set Vdrive (USB) & launch;
with PureBasic source
12 Jul 2012