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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
Windows 32/64 bit Console Mode - Some tiny "batch" programs for Windows CMD (32 bit, some 64 bit).

Recommended installation: Extract ZIP files to a program directory, and copy the executable to a directory, that the command processor will find through the PATH variable. To assign such a folder for console tools see Control Panel: System / Advanced / Environment Variables.
CMD Tools for unattended mode
Delete or move files by age (days), options: include subdirectories, selection by date tag (created, last written, accessed), and more.. 32/64 bit 2.55 16 May 2016
Compare time&date stamps of two files; compare with today-n (days), now-n (minutes). 2.4 09 Sep 2016
CSV list sort. ANSI/Unicode, 32/64 bit 1.23 08 May 2017
Modify (and read from) Windows type INI files, 32/64 bit 1.92 15 May 2017
Write Clipboard text to file, or read from file. Options: append to existing text, OEM/ANSI conversion. 2.0 17 Oct 2010
Wait (number of seconds), cancel by (key), message text. 1.01 15 Mar 2011
Set console color for succeeding output, display strings (echo) with colors; 32/64 bit 2.1 02 Feb 2015
Brings the console window to the foreground, when a batch running in the background or minimized has finished. 1.1 22 Jan 2010
CMD Tools with dialog window
Selection window to select an item (line) from a text file and pass it to the batch process. Various options, menu mode; 32/64 bit 2.30 20 Dec 2016
Folder selection window (directory tree) for use in batch files (CD and SET commands); 32/64 bit 1.62 03 Sep 2015
"Open File" and "Save as" dialog windows make user selected file(s) available in a batch process; 32/64 bit 1.5 19 Jul 2013
Message box with user defined buttons; 32/64 bit 1.11 18 Jun 2013
Simple Yes/No/OK/Cancel prompt boxes with errorlevel response; 32/64 bit 2.31 28 Aug 2018
String input window with options; 32/64 bit 1.42 30 Mar 2018
Busy indicator for time consuming batch processes, with count or marquee style; 32/64 bit 1.03 22 Feb 2017
PureBasic Source available (download links in txt files)