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PureBasic Corner (Windows)

PureBasic programming tools, solutions and code snippets - See also: Minis and console mode tools with PB source.
Add-In Tools for the PureBasic IDE
InclOpen - Popup menu to offer/open the IncludeFiles of the current source

IncludePaths and relevant constants, like #PB_Compiler_Home are taken into account. If the cursor is on a line with an IncludeFile statement, this file is opened directly. Unicode aware.
Source included - Download (22Kb)
11 Nov 2014
Ver. 2.20
PBasmUI - User interface to view, edit and re-assemble the assembler file

PB source included - Screenshot - Download (49Kb)
07 Jan 2018
Ver. 3.25
EnvarList - Environment variables in a text window

shows current PB_TOOL_* variables when used as IDE add-in. See Windows/Minis/EnvarList;
PB source included.
12 Jul 2012
Ver. 1.20
MLsort - Merge sort for linked lists with user defined comparison procedures

Fast in-place sort. This module is used in the console tool CMD/CSVsort. Download (11Kb)
09 Mar 2013
DayCount - Date handling with day count based on Jan 1, 1601

Conversions to/from SYSTEMTIME, current date, formatted output, local formats, input gadget.
Incl. test,demo - Download (18Kb)
04 May 2011
ShiftIt - Mini game

Minimalist program that demonstrates the benefits of meaningful names for variables, constants and procedures. ShiftIt is the virtual version of a popular toy.
Includes EXE - Screenshot - Download (35Kb)
17 Jun 2013
Ver. 1.60