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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages

16 Aug, 2017  TTclock 1.42: User guide as HTM file; menu item adjusted
10 Jun, 2017  Date Reminder 3.32: Bugfix for "No popup at midnight" option (INI file): date change issue
17 May, 2017  Winput 1.41 (CMD tool): Bugfix: output issue with Chinese codepage; option /oem no longer supported
15 May, 2017  INIfile 1.92 (CMD tool): Bugfix: output issue with Chinese codepage
08 May, 2017  CSVsort 1.23 (CMD tool):
  • Bugfix: Separator option (as character)
  • ANSI version with internal byte character handling no longer supported
  • PB compiler version 5.60
26 Apr, 2017  INIfile 1.91 (CMD tool): PB compiler version 5.60
18 Mar, 2017  Date Reminder 3.31:
  • Bugfix: List mode kept when restoring window after minimizing
  • Icons edited
  • Startup (auto start) option disabled if other exe path in startup shortcut
  • PureBasic compiler ver. 5.60
17 Mar, 2017  MemPad 3.62:
  • Bugfix: Save function for a new file failed (closing file/Mempad did save properly)
  • Status bar optional (INI file: StatusBar=1): page path, caret position, update * mark
  • Import function faster; special "re-import" removed from menu
  • PureBasic compiler ver. 5.60
22 Feb, 2017  Wbusy 1.03 (CMD tool): Bugfix: /stop without message: no action if there is no window with same title
19 Feb, 2017  Qsel 2.25:
  • Configuration: Sort function available in item list context menu
  • Fixed: System tray menu issues
  • Fixed: display issue after font enlargement
  • Category menu by ALT key: will not pop up when Shift or Ctrl also pressed
  • General Settings, new option: enable/disable ALT key for Category menu
  • Fixed: issue with ampersand in category name
  • Display: better behavior when slow build-up due to malware scan
  • PureBasic ver. 5.51
19 Jan, 2017  Date Reminder 3.30:
  • Larger icons (tool buttons)
  • New INI file option: MidnightCheck=0 to disable popup at midnight
  • Bugfix: Right mouse click in calendar window did not work
  • Fixed: Main windows and data window could be outside desktop bounds
  • PureBasic ver. 5.51
18 Jan, 2017  INIfile 1.9 (CMD tool): Bugfix: output line length
17 Jan, 2017  INIfile 1.8 (CMD tool): Internal Unicode handling (required by compiler); PureBasic 5.51
20 Dec, 2016  Wselect 2.30 (CMD tool):
  • Dual monitor aware for options /DX, /DY;
  • New option: pre-select (item#)
  • Internal modifications (Codepage handling); option /OEMout no longer supported
  • PureBasic compiler ver. 5.50
18 Sep, 2016  MemPad 3.61:
  • Fixed: Concurrent file access issue (problem with external backup software)
  • Double click on index item: no more beep
  • Ctrl + [x] in systray mode will exit MemPad
  • PureBasic compiler ver. 5.50
09 Sep, 2016  WasFile  2.4: Compiled with PureBasic 5.50
07 Sep, 2016  TimeSync 2.33:
  • Settings input: Tool tips; immediate correction if value not within min/max; bugfix
  • Language support for the word "seconds"
  • PureBasic compiler 5.50
07 Sep, 2016  TTclock 1.41:
  • "Pure Timer" by Ctrl key + (double) click (when timer is running):
    panel mode: switch to pure timer
    clock display mode: toggle current time <-> timer
  • Multi monitor aware: restores position on monitor where program was closed
  • Auto adjust to desktop borders: bugfix
  • PureBasic compiler 5.50
15 Jun, 2016  Calendar 2.77:
  • PureBasic version 5.42
  • Fixed: lost system tray icon when Windows Explorer has crashed
  • Bugfix: start full year with "today" info OFF; layout space issue
  • Bugfix: increased window width issue
  • Bugfix: save full year position (ini file)
  • Button style (INI file: handbutton=0) replaced with 2 new items:
    HandCursor=1|0 (default:1), ButtonFrame=1|0 (default:0)
16 May 2016  Delage32/64  2.55: Option /ANSIout for byte characters instead of UNICODE UTF-16
15 Apr, 2016  Winput 1.40: (CMD tool)
  • New options: font size, window displacement x/y
  • improved adjustment at desktop bounds
  • internal UNICODE handling
  • PureBasic version 5.42
17 Mar, 2016  TTclock 1.40:
  • Language files support
  • Fixed: lost system tray icon after Windows Explorer crash
  • INI file [tweaks], ESCtoSystray = 1 - ESC key to Systemtray (from control panel)
  • Keyboard ALT+Q to exit
  • PureBasic version 5.41
15 Mar, 2016  Date Reminder 3.28:
  • Fixed: lost system tray icon after Windows Explorer crash
  • Startup option (menu) now always reflects startup shortcut correctly
  • CSV list output: done (x) and group marker column added
  • CSV list output: a header line will be inserted from .csh file (same path)
  • PureBasic version 5.42
11 Mar 2016  Delage32  2.54: 64 bit version "Delage64" available; bugfix /move target
04 Mar 2016  INIfile  1.7: Section size issue (get all assignments): buffer enlarged; PB 5.41
11 Feb 2016  Delage32  2.52: bug fix: combination of /created and /modified did not work correctly
13 Dec, 2015  Qsel 2.24:
  • ALT key can be used to pop up category menu (on/off)
  • Shift+Tab = same as Backspace (category back)
  • PureBasic compiler version 5.40
  • Icon path: environment variables suported (menu file direct editing)
  • Fixed: system tray icon lost if Windows Explorer crashes
13 Dec, 2015  MemPad 3.60:
  • x64 (64 bit) version available
  • Internal page links: issue with underline character fixed
    Inserting a link with underline character now forces angle brackets (as w/ spaces)
  • For links in angle brackets: no internal character replacements are done
  • PureBasic compiler version 5.40
  • Fixed: system tray icon lost if Windows Explorer crashes
11 Oct, 2015  PopSel 2.55:
  • Bugfix FILES function: launching files with given app and spaces in names
  • Better handling of Windows security warning for help file (CHM)
11 Oct, 2015  Qsel 2.23:
  • Bugfix: Invalid options with slash are ignored now
  • Drag&drop, automatic item text generation: folder name extension is preserved
  • PB compiler 5.31; internal modifications
  • Better handling of Windows security warning for help file (CHM)
11 Oct, 2015  Date Reminder 3.27,   Calendar 2.76:
  • Better handling of Windows security warning for help file (CHM)
03 Sep 2015  Wfolder  1.62: x64 version available
15 Sep, 2015  TTclock 1.30:
  • New: Font and size for digits selectable in menu
  • Sizing mode changed, minor modifications
  • Clock display keeps exact position when switching to/from panel mode
23 Aug, 2015  PopSel 2.54:
  • New command option /c allows opening the configuration directly (without the button) by holding the Ctrl key (when aborting or selecting an item). If an item was selected it will be preselected in the configuration. Option /C includes /N
  • In quick launch bar: Another click while menu is open will be ignored
  • Configuration: Run option (normal/minimized/maximized) as combo box
  • Bugfix: if error "cannot open", configuration is opened with preselected itemc
  • Configuration, super item (openning submenu): Changes will be adjusted in submenus
23 Aug, 2015  MemPad 3.59:
  • System tray mode now always indicated by single [x] in title bar instead of triple symbol (no INI file tweak required)
  • "New..." button and menu modified
  • INI file tweak LineNumber (1:on) now also displays character position, marked length
  • Info window (About..) also closes on click outside
31 Jul 2015  Delage32  2.51: minor fix: no message if option /quiet and no files qualify
02 Jun, 2015  TimeSync 2.32:
  • Larger time display, minor UI modifications
  • PB compiler 5.31, internal modifications
31 May, 2015  TTclock 1.20:
  • Menu option: Settings / Enable 12-hour mode (requires appropriate Regional Settings)
  • New INI file option: [tweaks] SingleClickSwitch=1 (switching clock / panel mode)
29 May 2015  Delage32  2.5: Unicode support for file names and paths; PB 5.31
01 May, 2015  MemPad 3.58:
  • Bugfix: Restore focus issue (restore minimized window; sub window close)
  • Bugfix: Language issue in export and import windows
  • New language items: #178, #179, #180, #181, #182
  • Default name (index) of new page is "New page" (instead of "Title?")
24 Feb, 2015  Calendar 2.75:
  • 2nd copy button: refresh every second is only done if seconds actually running
  • PureBasic compiler version 5.31; internal adjustments
  • Day icons (system tray) now included as fixed images (not drawn)
  • New menu item: View / "Today .." Info? (show or hide)
18 Feb 2015  WasFile 2.3: Better error handling and test (/debug) information; Unicode; PB 5.31