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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
Here are some mini programs that may be useful.. PureBasic source code is included.
Vdrive 1.5 Set Vdrive and launch an application Download (23Kb)
Vdrive Vdrive detects removable drives like USB flash drives and memory cards, sets the environment variable VDRIVE, and launches an application.

Of course, this will only be useful, if the launched application is aware of environment variables.

For example, you may have a backup software or a CMD script that is configured to copy files to a USB drive. Though the paths and folders are fixed, the drive letter may change, or you may even have a choice of several removable drives. A target path like %vdrive%\Backup\John\Office will do the job.

Vdrive is run through a shortcut with a command parameter that specifies the application path.
You can also use %VDRIVE% in this application path to launch a program on the USB drive. Unicode support.
FileDate 1.1 Change File Date (with date picker) Download (14Kb)
FileDate Filedate FileDate offers a date picker to change the date (last written/modified). The time (of day) is taken from the original date/time stamp, and remains unchanged.

FileDate expects one(!) file as command argument, and is designed as "Send to" tool (in the Explorer context menu). It also works by dropping the file on a FileDate shortcut.

Date format according to the user's regional settings.
Unicode support.
ShortExe 1.01 Shortcut work-around for removable media Download (7Kb)
Windows insists that a shortcut target must have a fixed drive letter, which means you cannot use Windows shortcuts within a USB flash drive where the drive letter may change.

Here comes ShortExe.

The idea is to have a little program that you rename to something which will be interpreted (by the program itself) as shortcut information based on the actual drive letter.

Example (assuming drive H:, shortcut for \some\where\Qsel.exe):

Put a copy of ShortExe on drive H:
Original program name:"ShortExe.exe"
Rename it to:"Qsel +some+where.exe"
Will launch:"H:\some\where\Qsel.exe"

The program name (without the ".exe" extension!) is placed at the beginning to make the shortcut easy to identify. Space separates from the directory information.

Since the backslash character is not allowed in a file name, you have to use the plus (+) sign instead. ShortExe also treats single quote marks around the path as double quote marks (in case your path includes spaces). Command arguments are supported as well.
PathLen 1.6 Path length information Download (9Kb)
PathLen PathLen expects a path as parameter, and displays a message box with path information and length. If a directory path is given, the longest path in the structure is reported. Prompt to open the folder (Explorer window), or just an Ok button (by option). Unicode support.


Make a shortcut on the desktop, and drag&drop any path from the Windows Explorer onto the shortcut.

Or make a shortcut in your SendTo folder, and use context menu / SendTo.

Note: The maximum path length that Windows can handle is 259 characters.
If the initial path (parameter) is longer, Windows will fail to run PathLen.
However, the longest path that is found may be longer, and will be reported.
EnvarList 1.3 List of environment variables Download (27Kb)
EnvarList EnvarList dispalys a text window with a list of the environment variables, (same as you will get with the SET command at the command prompt).

In a program that offers a launcher interface (like a programming editor) you can use EnvarList to see the variables that are available in this environment.

Click in status bar will open the Windows tool to change or add environment variables.
PlayWav 1.0 Play WAV file Download (3Kb)
This program is a two-liner.

PlayWav simply plays a WAV file without any user interface.
The file is passed as command parameter. The program terminates itself.
PlayWav is meant for small files. There is no way to stop it.

Use in batch files, by drag&drop, thru "open with..", as "Send to" tool, or as default application for WAV.