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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
WBAT 2.50 Dialog Box Tool Download (55Kb)
Dialog boxes for DOS batch:
  • menues, buttons, input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, list selection
Easy handling, no ANSI stuff to deal with - colors are specified by name.
WBAT runs under all Windows versions or plain DOS.
  • Layout for box with text and control elements - all elements can be freely arranged
  • Quick box with specifications in the command line
  • Selection from batch generated lists (e.g. DIR file lists)
  • Text pages with color attributes
  • INI file with defaults and preferences
  • Win NT/2000 compatible handling of variables
Mouse handling is supported in a GUI box as well as in full screen mode. Of course WBAT will also work under plain DOS.
DEMO.BAT supplied with full handling details (instead of a DOC file).
SHOW 1.4 List Browser Download (10Kb)
For DOS and Win9x only
Handy ASCII file lister for batch projects. File name to be specified in command line (LFN's supported) or file input through pipe; no built-in "open" dialog.

Example: DIR | SHOW

Command options: search string or line number to go.
Features: Scrolling in all directions, string search, help button.
Maximum line length: 1Kb, file size: 1Gb.
Custom colors through INI file.

Easy handling by keyboard or mouse (Windows style). Ideal for the DOS window.

Special features:
  • Return (jump back) after search, for example
  • Jump from index to associated text section
  • "Drag" text by mouse (move behind window)
  • Text file links, open by double click, return
PCLICK 1.1 Mouse menu at DOS prompt Download (5Kb)
For window under Win9x
PCLICK is a small TSR (resident program, less than 900 bytes), that is active at the DOS prompt.
When the mouse cursor touches the top line of the DOS window, a menu bar will show, where you can launch up to 5 different commands by mouse click.

Other features:
  • Click through the DOSKEY history, click ENTER and ESC
  • Pick & paste string to the command line