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  Installation issues
Help (CHM) file issues If the built-in help shows only blank pages or the incomprehensible message "Navigation to the webpage was canceled", please make sure to remove the checkmark "Always ask before opening this file" when the Windows security warning pops up. Just clicking on the Open button is not enough to display the help file correctly.

Windows blocks downloaded files for security reasons. See file properties (right click): At the bottom of the "General" tab you will find the security information and the button to unblock the file. The file can also be unblocked in the security warning window by removing the checkmark "Always ask before opening this file".

Note that files inside a downloaded ZIP file are also blocked, when Windows' built in unZIP function is used. To avoid this you may want to unblock the ZIP file before unpacking (if you trust the download source). No problem at all when third party ZIP tools are used.